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Lipari Foods, Inc.

26661 Bunert Rd.

Warren, MI 48089

(586) 447-3500

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Current customers, new customers, consumers, potential employees and anyone who wants to know more about Lipari Foods can contact us here. Simply use the form at the left, email us or give us a call. Just select an extension to get in touch with the person or persons you wish to reach.


Bakery Director ext. 9353

Bakery Manager ext. 9340

Confections Director ext. 9270

Confections Manager ext. 9636

Convenience Food & Beverage Director ext. 9239

Convenience Food & Beverage Manager ext. 9247

Dairy Director ext. 9354

Dairy Manager ext. 9614

Deli Director ext. 9242

Deli Manager ext. 9339

Frozen Retail Director ext. 9354

Frozen Retail Manager ext. 9614

Grocery/Foodservice Director ext. 9243

Grocery/Foodservice Manager ext. 9249

Packaging Director ext. 9534

Packaging Manager ext. 9343

Seafood/Meat Director ext. 9588

Seafood/Meat Manager ext. 9241


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